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Hiring process

April 15, 2009

Four Commons Excuses for Not Firing an Employee

Small business hiring practices are loaded with excuses why certain employees are not fired sooner than later. Recruiting specialists have heard plenty of them from their […]
April 15, 2009

Four Common Excuses for Delaying a Hire

Small business hiring practices are loaded with excuses. Have you ever expressed these excuses for not building your team? “I need help badly, but I don’t […]
April 15, 2009

2 Fundamentals to Hiring Top Talent

To hire top talent you must have something valuable to offer them. You probably think I am talking about valuables like salaries and benefits. No, these […]
April 15, 2009

6 Things Entrepreneurs Dread

Business owners avoid, dread or delay: 1. Hiring their first employee 2. Firing their first employee