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September 20, 2010
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November 14, 2010
Trusting your gut is not a good strategy for hiring sales professionals, unless you want to wast valuable time, money and resources on people who can not sell.

One reason your gut is often wrong is because we tend to hire people that are ”likeable.”    And people buy from people they like, right?

Wrong!  It takes more than “likability” to be effective in sales.

Safari Solutions recommends the SalesScore Evaluation method which is a two-step approach to hiring sales pros.  First, determine if a candidate “can” sell by utilizing assessments.  Assessments provide objective data, which is a more reliable predictor than “going with your gut.”  Then determine if they “will” sell through a comprehensive interview evaluation.

Don’t you want to know before you hire a sales rep if they “can” and “will” sell?  The cost of a bad sales hire (compensation, training, and lost opportunity costs) far exceeds the cost of doing your due diligence upfront.

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