What is SalesScore™?

SalesScore™ connects sales talent with sales focused growth companies. Statistics reveal only 1 out of every 9 sales reps deliver results. SalesScore™ weeds out the 8 who don’t. Our SalesScore™ process identifies successful sales professionals through comprehensive sourcing and evaluation methodologies.


Why SalesScore™?

A concerning risk in hiring sales professionals is lost opportunity cost when settling for mediocre sales talent. Recruiting and hiring sales talent is not an exact science, yet it doesn’t need to be a crap shoot either.

SalesScore™ reduces your hiring risk!

Take the guessing out of the sales hiring game. No longer do you have to hope a candidate has the right stuff. Our comprehensive evaluation process provides quantitative, objective data about a candidate’s sales behaviors, competencies, and willingness to produce results for you.

SalesScore™ identifies sales performers!

Using Safari Solutions’ proven Tiger Eye Hiring process as the foundation of SalesScore, we blend the best of two recruiting methodologies.

  • Process delivers consistent results.
  • Assessments provide objective data.

Reduce your sales hiring risk and increase sales performance with SalesScore™.

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Why SalesScore™?

SalesScore™ is Safari Solutions’ Executive Sales Search division. Our hiring process excels in matching top sales reps with our clients’ sales opportunities.

Why should I become SalesScore™ Certified?

In today’s job market, employers want more than a resume. They want proof you can and will sell. Our SalesScore program evaluates and quantifies your sales talents through comprehensive phone interviews and sales specific assessments. We then match you with sales opportunities that tap into your strengths.

Who can become SalesScore™ Certified?

Any sales professional who has documented sales success and meets our SalesScore™ criteria. Those without sales experience may join our SalesScore community, yet may not be certified.

What is the cost to become SalesScore™ Certified?

There is no cost to you. Only a small investment of your time and your willingness to move your sales career forward.  

How do I become SalesScore™ Certified?

Complete these three simple steps to be eligible for representation to our clients.

Step 1:  Experience Survey (10 minutes)   Complete Now

Step 2:  Sales Assessment (20 minutes)   

Step 3:  Telephone Evaluation (20 minutes)  

Only the top 20% of evaluated sales professionals become SalesScore™ Certified.

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