1) Why is Safari Solutions different?

Safari Solutions is an HR outsourcing firm which provides on-demand recruiting services tailored toward the hiring needs of small to mid-size businesses.  We are not a staffing or search firm charging a percentage of first year compensation.  Rather, we act as your fractional corporate HR partner to help you source, screen and evaluate candidates with a high level of due diligence.

Safari Solutions is 100% on your side, providing you with independent objective advice on hiring the right talent for your company.  We are not consultants that simply advise and leave it up to you to make it happen.  We advise, strategize, and execute.  Our experienced team of hiring specialists implements our proven Tiger Eye Hiring process that delivers predictable results for you.

With 25 years and over a 2000 hiring initiatives under our belt, we provide hiring expertise across a broad spectrum of industries and functional positions.  With a national scope, we help companies hire the Right Talent, at the Right Time, in the Right Role.

2) What problem do we solve?

Let’s face it, hiring employees is difficult.  Ask any business advisor what their clients’ biggest headache is and most likely they say . . . “people.”  Hiring employees, managing employees, firing employees . . . it’s a ongoing cycle.

Most business owners started their business because they had an idea they were passionate about.  Rarely do they start a business because they want to build a team of employees.  Yet, to build a business, and not just a solo operation, employees inevitably become a necessary part of the equation.

For early stage businesses, hiring for the first time is a big step.  Business owners tend to hire friends and family, or people they know, like and trust. Yet, these people may not be the right fit for the job.  As the business grows, more employees are needed.  Yet, eventually business owners tap out their network of contacts and are forced to go out to the open market to hire employees with a specific skill set.

At this point, hiring initiatives tend to stall.  Quite frankly, most business owners tell me they don’t like to hire people.  They are not good at it, nor do they have the time to do it.  End result is they may do nothing or perhaps make wrong hiring decisions that cause enormous headaches and prevent them from reaching their business goals.

3) Why is a solution important?

Small businesses, generally defined as under 100 employees, often do not have an HR department to help with hiring initiatives.  Thus, to hire an employee, a business owner has two options.  “Do-it-yourself” or pay a big fee to a staffing or search firm.  Expensive search firm fees are often out of the question for most business owners.  Who has $15-$30K in their budget to pay for talent?  Rarely do business owners have any money at all allocated in their budget for recruiting.

Which leave the business owners with the Do-It-Yourself option?  If business owners don’t hire often in the open market, don’t by nature enjoy the process of hiring, and will openly admit that they are not very good at it, what kind of results do you think business owners often get by doing it themselves?

  • Are “A” players hired?
  • Is the best talent added to the team?
  • Will the business reach its goals without the right talent?
  • If the wrong talent is hired, will you grin and bear it or will you fire them?

Perhaps there is a better solution than the Do-It-Yourself hiring model that doesn’t break the bank like expensive search firms.

4) What is our solution or process?

Our “Tiger Eye Hiring™” process hires the best talent for your company.  It saves you the time-consuming effort required to “do-it-yourself” and it is an affordable alternative to expensive search firms.

Tiger Eye Hiring™ is Safari Solutions’ proprietary process.  A proven process utilized in over 2000 hiring initiatives during the past two decades delivering predictable results at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Tiger Eye Hiring™ is a 5-step process.

Discovery, Sourcing, Screening, Evaluation and Verification.

The first step . . . Discovery . . . starts by clearly defining the position.  We continue with developing a sourcing strategy, screening and evaluating candidates with a high level of due diligence, and verifying the authenticity of candidates through reference and background checks.

Our clients value our independent and objective candidate evaluation.  Since our fee is not contingent on a placement, you will hear straight up if a candidate is right for your business.

5) How do we work with you?

Hiring initiatives generally start two ways.  One, an employee quits or is terminated, leaving a blank hole in a company’s infrastructure.  Or, two, a company strategically plans to add a new position or expand an existing role.

If an unexpected replacement hire is necessary, we can start your hiring initiative the same day you call.  Generally all we need is an hour of your time on the front end so we can gather the information we need in the Discovery stage.

For strategic hiring, we can be more methodical in our approach.  If possible, we may have a couple of phone calls or if possible a meeting to discuss your business goals and the purpose behind the particular hiring initiative.  If applicable, we like to include your business advisors.  Your business coach, sales consultatnt, CPA, or HR consultant are welcome to participate in our Tiger Eye Hiring process.  They can provide insights in the discovery stage and often participate in phone interviews of final candidates. Over 150 business advisors have referred their clients to Safari Solutions because they know that hiring the right talent is critically important to the growth of your business.

We start the Discovery step by completing the Company Data Intake and the Position Performance Profile forms.  Once we have the necessary information to get your project underway, we are full steam ahead.  Our basic hiring packages cover a 30 day period and we keep you up-to-date on a weekly, if not daily basis so you know how your search is progressing at all times.

It is not uncommon to hear our clients tell us that we have helped them make the best hire of their entire career.  If you would like to make your next hiring initiative a huge success, then give us call today.  Let us help you hire The Right Talent, at the Right Time, in the Right Role.