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“Management” Disguised as “Leadership”

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June 10, 2010
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Don’t mistake “management” with “leadership.”   Management skills can be taught.  Leadership comes from within. 

Leadership is a gift that comes naturally if one has a passion for what they are doing.   Unfortunately, even if you love what you do, you may not be demonstrating leadership.  Have ever asked yourself, “why can’t my team do what I ask them to do?” Or, “why do I have to have all the answers?  If so, then perhaps your “leadership” is not coming through.

Since I’m in the hiring business, I have to ask, “how does leadership affect hiring in your company?”

In my eleven years of helping business owners hire employees, I have found that most entrepreneurs want to hire people who can hit the road running without providing any training or mentoring.  That doesn’t sound like “leadership” to me.  And, what impression does that give a prospective new employee?  True leaders will invest in top talent.  And top talent will only work with true leaders.  

Reaching a level of true leadership is challenging.   Not many achieve it.

If you feel like your leadership needs a positive lift, I’d highly recommend that you read the book, The Radical Leap, by Farber.  It provides an interesting perspective on leadership that might help you get out of a “management” mode and into a “leadership” mode that clearly demonstrates your passion for your business to those who work for you.

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