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5 Attributes of a Great Sales Manager

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May 23, 2011
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June 23, 2011

1) Great sales managers are great leaders.

Don’t mistake “management” with “leadership.”   Management skills can be taught.  Leadership comes from within.   Have you ever asked yourself, “why can’t my team do what I ask them to do?”  Or, “why do I have to have all the answers?  If so, then perhaps your “leadership” is not coming through.

2) Great sales managers believe in themselves.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect your sales team to?  In order to be a great sales manager, you have to lead from the inside.  To inspire your team, be confident and passionate about your job.

3) Great sales managers are organized.

Your sales reps may be notoriously unorganized which means a great manager must have excellent organization skills in order to train others on good organization skills. 

4) Great sales managers respect others.

A good manager may tolerate the people who behave like themselves.  But a great manager will embrace others and show the utmost respect for them and their differences.

5) Great sales managers know their business.

Great sales managers will take the necessary time to learn as much as possible about how the business operates.  But they will not micro-manage or interfere with the people whom they have hired to do a particular job.

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