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Why Business Owners Make Lousy Sales Managers

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June 14, 2011
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July 30, 2011

Wearing the Sales Manager hat can be one of the must challenging roles a business owner assumes.  Why?  Managing sales people is a lot like parenting teenagers.  Your sales reps may challenge the rules (do it their way).  Or, they may be reluctant to do their chores (complete sales call reports).  And, each rep may behave differently!

Top Challenges:

  • Sales reps push business owners outside their comfort zone.
  • Sales reps are demanding – they ask for the moon.
  • Sales reps need training and mentoring which may not be the business owner’s strength.
  • Sales reps don’t “follow” well.

If you find these challenges unsettling, it might be time to hire a sales manager who can exercise discipline in your sales process.  Even though performing sales reps are generally independent and self-motivated; they still need to be managed and mentored.

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