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Why Sales Candidates Jilt You at the Altar

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November 29, 2018
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Let’s assume you’ve invested wisely in a good recruiting process that has produced a top tier sales candidate. What must you offer to ensure your top candidate accepts your offer? With a highly competitive job market, candidates are in the driver’s seat. Be prepared to successfully address three key points in your offer to ensure that you are not left standing at the altar.

Three Components to a Successful Offer:

  1. Compensation:
    For lateral moves, the average bump in base pay is 10-20% to have a solid player move over to your side of the court. If the position is a promotion with more responsibility and higher expectations, that percentage may rise to 20-30%. Are you prepared to offer your sales candidate a big raise?
  • Risk/Reward:
    Let’s assume you have made a competitive offer. Now, let’s consider if money is a big enough motivator for the candidate to leave the devil they know for the devil they don’t know. This is a risk/reward decision for sales candidates. Best to have something to offer in addition to money to attract superstar sales talent. For example, is your company profitable and growing? Does your company have a reputation of innovation? Would your employees say the company is managed by great leaders?
  • Career Growth:
    Superstar sales reps need to see a golden future. If your company does not offer the next step in their career growth, why should they make the move? For sales professionals, career growth could be a bigger territory, more innovative products or services to sell, or the opportunity to advance into sales management. The status quo is not an option for superstars. They need new challenges where they get their achievement needs met. 

Pete Caputa, author of 10 Surprising Criteria Salespeople Look for When Choosing a New Company, offers additional insights on this subject.

Recruiting top sales talent is very challenging. Once a superstar is found, be prepared to show your best hand if you want them to accept your offer.

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