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These 4 Factors in Your Job Postings Will Attract Job Seekers

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Employers often resist including compensation in job postings; many are uncertain if they should include it. Yet, salaries and benefits are the two most important factors to job seekers so excluding this information may inadvertently cause job seekers to lose interest (according to a new study conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Glassdoor.) In May 2018, over 1100 U.S. adults were surveyed who were currently employed or were not employed but looking for work. The results revealed the following top factors that are most valued.

Most Important Data Attracting Job Seekers:

1.)  Salaries (67%)

2.)  Benefits (63%)

3.)  Location (59%)

4.)  Commute Time (43%)

“Job seekers crave transparency on pay, not only to make an initial judgment about whether to consider applying for a job, but also to assess if an employer holds long-term potential for them,” said Julie Coucoules, Glassdoor’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition.  She further states that employers should proactively make information available to job candidates or risk missing out on quality candidates.

Once you have captured a job seeker’s attention and view your posting, below are the factors that get them to apply, based on the survey:

48%        Attractive benefits and perks 

47%        Easier commute

46%        Higher salaries

43%        Good work/life balance

41%        Flexibility to work from home

Keep in mind that these survey results reflect what attracts a job seeker to view your posting and then motivates them to apply. There may be other key factors that influence a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer at your company, such as career advancement, quality work assignments, etc. 

In summary, job postings are a good source of applicants IF you provide the information that motivates them to apply. Transparency improves the quantity and quality of your applicant pool.

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