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Do Your Sales Reps Have These 3 Essentials Traits?

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Predicting the success of your sales reps should not be accomplished by a toss of the coin. Today, there are many objective sales assessments on the market that can provide quantifiable data offering insights as to whether, on not, your sales reps have the right stuff. I define “right stuff” as natural abilities that cannot be taught. For example, elite athletes have the “right stuff” in their natural athletic abilities, yet they also train regularly with a coach and get better with practice. The same concept applies to sales reps. Sales reps with the “right stuff” will achieve more if sales training and coaching are provided. Yet, for training and coaching to be effective, you need to start with the “right stuff.” To get your next sales hire off to a great start, assess your candidates for these three essential competencies before making an offer.

Three Must-Have Sales Competencies:

  1. Ambition & Drive:
    An attitude of expecting to win and the willingness to strive to be the best. Strong Ambition and Drive abilities help sales reps focus on the goal of the sale and recover quickly from rejection.
  • Problem Solving:
    The aptitude to assess a situation and envision solutions which meet the client’s unique needs. Moderate to high Problem-Solving skills enable sales reps to differentiate their products or services by selling value.
  • Control & Close:
    Ability to steer the sales process and move it toward a decision. Sales training can help sales reps improve in this area, provided the natural tendencies to lead rather than follow are present.

Salespeople who have these three natural competencies are better at prospecting than those that don’t. They are better at creating demand for your product and service and can accomplish this in shorter timeframes. If you need a sales rep to generate new business, these three competencies are essential. The best way to identify these traits is through a Devine sales assessment which has become an essential step in our SalesScore hiring process.   

If you want to learn more about sales assessments and how they can improve your sales hiring initiatives, give us a call at 317-578-1310.

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