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5 Recruiting Tips for Sourcing Sales Talent

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December 30, 2020
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Good sales reps may seem few and far between, yet they are out there if you search deep enough. Companies often rely on their network as their primary source of candidates. Yet, once you have exhausted your network, what do you do next?

Consider these sourcing ideas that generate results:

Research: The best sourcing strategy starts with research. Use tools like LinkedIn Recruiter or Google to identify companies where targeted candidates may work. Create a list of companies in your industry including competitors and vendors. Research employees working at these companies and locate contact information using software tools that find phone numbers and email addresses.

Recruit: Reach out to candidates identified from your research. This is perhaps the most difficult step in a recruiting strategy as this is like a sales prospecting activity. A strategic phone call and email strategy is required to get the attention of possible candidates. Once contact has been made, the opportunity is presented to encourage the candidate to consider employment at your company. A compelling opportunity is critically important to attract passive candidates.

Expand: Consider expanding your search beyond your original scope. Expand your geographic reach. Look at candidates outside your industry and consider adjusting your compensation plan to attract more candidates. It never hurts to interview candidates outside your original scope. It may open your eyes to possibilities.

Postings: Many believe that good candidates don’t apply through job boards. This is not true. Passive candidates are not as passive at you might think. The job boards have sophisticated search query and notification functions that allow passive candidates to casually look with little effort. Passive candidates receive job alerts in their inbox and only apply to those that appeal to them. 50% of our placed sales candidates come from job postings. Yet, job boards are just tools. And, the better your tools and your experience using them, the better your results.

Create Synergy: The best recruiting results come from a well-planned comprehensive sourcing strategy that includes all the ideas presented above executed simultaneously. A synergistic effort delivers more reliable results and can speed up the recruiting cycle.

If you need help sourcing sales candidates on a deep, comprehensive level, give us a call at 317-578-1310.

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