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Why Can’t I Hire High D’s?

Who are the D’s and How Do They Behave?
July 17, 2013
Behavioral Assessments: 3 Attributes of an Influencer
August 14, 2013

Business owners, commonly Dominant Directors themselves, like to hire people who think and act like they do. Yet, positions have personalities and employees tend to gravitate toward positions that match their style. For instance, administrative positions with limited control and authority do not attract “high D” people. Even the average sales professional falls short in this behavior. Below are ideas when hiring for Dominant Directors:

  • Assess candidates using a DISC or DISC-like assessment.
  • Cast a wide net in your sourcing strategy.
  • Be patient until the right candidate surfaces.
  • Consider candidates with experience outside the norm.
  • As a last resort, adjust your expectations and criteria.

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