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Who are the D’s and How Do They Behave?

3 Attributes of a Dominate Director
July 5, 2013
Why Can’t I Hire High D’s?
July 24, 2013

Call them cool, call them independent, call them competitive; they are Dominant Directors. They desire strong management and work quickly and impressively by themselves. They opt for measurable results as determined by individual track records. We symbolize this personality type with a lion — a leader!  Here are a few traits characteristic of a Dominant Director:

  • Take Charge – Naturally seek direct control.
  • Controlling – Fear losing personal power or status.
  • Motivated to Be #1 – Seek being first or “on top” whether other people approve or not.
  • Task-Focused – Gets the job done
  • Strong-Willed – Prefer to stick to their own decisions.

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