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3 Attributes of a Dominate Director

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June 21, 2013
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July 17, 2013

Dominant Directors place priority on RESULTS, CHALLENGE, and ACTION.  These attributes show up in slightly different ways when combined with other behavioral styles (Socializers (I), Relaters (S), and Thinkers (C).

So, how are the three Dominant combination styles alike and different?

All Dominant Styles are:  Fast paced, outspoken, questioning and skeptical

  • The Pure D Style – Results, Action, & Challenge

D’s are results oriented and motivated to win.  A good challenge for them is like meat to a lion.  They are quick to act, and tend to be decisive.  They want control, and can be rather blunt with people.

  • The D over I Style – Action, Results & Enthusiasm

The “I” styles are quick to act and enthusiastic. They are the most charming and energetic of the Dominant Styles.  When coaching this director, encourage them to stay focused and keep an eye on the details.

  • The D over C Style – Challenge, Results, & Accuracy

The “C” styles like to keep their options open and explore best practices. They tend to overwhelm others with their questions, and can be critical and judgmental of self and others.  When coaching this director, encourage them to be more understanding and considerate of the feelings of others.

Overall, other styles tend to perceive the D style to be overly aggressive.  When stressed they can appear to be manipulative and overpowering.

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