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August 20, 2014
3 Keys to the Right Soft Skills
September 24, 2014

It’s never just one thing that makes a person successful.  Yet if I had to pick just two soft skills that can make or break an employee’s success, I choose “critical thinking skills and “communication skills.”  It seems, one without the other, I just not enough.  Combine them and you have a recipe for success.

Business owners frequently tell us that they want employees who can think on their feet.  Basically not have to ask the boss how to do everything.  Most business owners display a high level of critical thinking skills so it is natural that they are treasure these traits in others.

Communication skills are also very important.  What is the point of having good ideas if you can’t communicate them well to others.  Have you ever met a really smart person who just talked in nano bits and then gets frustrated because you don’t understand?   Communication includes verbal, written, and even more important, the ability to understand other people’s behavior, motivators and communications styles.

If you can “think” and ”communicate” effectively, you are extremely valuable to your employer.   Add a great outlook on life (attitude) and you can essentially write your own ticket in this world!

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