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Love Your Employees or Watch Them Leave

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September 25, 2009
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October 18, 2009

In 2009, we witnessed a year of mass layoffs.  In 2010, be prepared for another wave.  Yet, this wave will be different.  This wave will be voluntary . . . a mass exodus of employees who have lost faith in their employer.

A recent survey of American workers conducted by Harris Interactive revealed:

  • 77% are not satisfied with the strategy and vision of the company and its leadership.
  • 48% of workers are not satisfied with the relationship they have with their boss.
  • 66% of American workers are not satisfied with their compensation.
  • 76% are not satisified about future career growth opportunities at their company.

What workers are telling us is that even during a recession, just having a job does not equate to job satisfaction.

These survey findings suggest that companies seeking to retain their employees when the recovery begins should start by addressing three key areas of dissatisfaction:

  1. Compensation
  2. Career growth paths
  3. Retention efforts.

Better to love your employees now, or be prepared to watch your top talent leave in 2010. 


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