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3 Hiring Components: Time, Money, Quality
April 15, 2009
“A” Player: What does it look like?
April 15, 2009

I had meetings with three successful business owners last week.  The companies were uniquely different . . . a fast growth technology start-up, a fast growth established service company, and a steady growth manufacturing company. 

The one thing these companies have in common is exceptional leadership.  Intelligent, forward-thinking, owners that are driven to see their companies be the best they can be. Each entrepreneur’s leadership style was also uniquely different. And it is their unique leadership style that drives the culture of their companies.

When I consult with companies on recruiting initiatives, the owners will comment that new hires must fit into their corporate culture. To understand a company’s culture, the owner need only look at him or herself.  Whatever the owner values, so will the company.  If the owner defines personal success by family balance, then they will hire employees that value family balance.  If money is highly valued, then the company is probably loaded with aggressive sales people.

Define your culture so you know the type of people who will be successful in your work environment.  This is a critical step in successful small business hiring. 


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