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4 Step Hiring Process for Small Business
February 22, 2009

According to a survey by the Employment Management Association, the average cost of hire for a non-exempt position is $10,000! The cost is much greater for senior level exempt positions. And, perhaps three times greater if contingency search fees are involved. When hiring new staff members, the first cost that comes to mind is often salary or benefits. However, don’t forget to also budget for the costs related to the hiring process.Safari Solutions offers affordable recruiting options that are 1/3 of the cost of staffing/search firms and uses a proven hiring system, the Tiger Eye Hiring Process.

Don’t overlook these hiring costs:

1.  Internal hiring manager’s time
2.  Advertising
3.  Travel
4.  Assessment/Testing
5.  Third party recruiting services

If you need to make a critical hire, yet your budget is tight or your time is limited, consider outsourcing this function to professionals.

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