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4 Step Hiring Process for Small Business

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February 11, 2009
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March 1, 2009

The Tiger Eye Hiring Process makes hiring for small business easier and more effective.  Here is a simple 4-step hiring process that will increase your success rate.
1.  Define the Position What do you want the person to do and what skills do they need to have to be successful at doing these tasks. Identify four to five job tasks or responsibilities that are most essential to the position.
2.  Draft a Position Profile – Create a marketing message that targets your ideal candidate.  This profile can be used to send to your network or post on job boards and social networking sites.
3.  Screen and Interview – Inquire about past experience and performance.  Use a multi-step interview process to gather information necessary to make an educated hiring decision.
4.  Verify their Story – Perform due diligence to confirm what they tell you.  Perform skills and assessment testing and reference and background checks.
Safari Solutions has implemented this proven hiring process with over 200 companies.  With the cost of bad hire about 2-3 times an employee’s salary, a little upfront planning and due diligence has a big ROI.  And, with sales talent being the most difficult hires to make, the Tiger Eye Hiring Process can easily be included in your sales hiring process.

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