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3 Attributes of a Steady Relater

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September 4, 2013
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October 15, 2013

Steady Relaters place priority on Support, Stability and Collaboration.  These attributes show up in slightly different ways when combined with other behavioral styles Directors (D), Influencers (I), and Thinkers (C).

So, how are the three Influencers styles alike and different?

All Steady Relaters Styles are:  Cautious, Reflective, Accepting and Warm

  • The Pure I Style – Support, Stability and Collaboration

S’s are great listeners and work best in a supportive friendly environment.  They need stability and dread change.  They also work best in a collaborative team where people feel rewarded for success.

When coaching the Pure “S” Style, encourage them to be confident and express their thoughts openly.

  • The S over I Style – Collaboration, Support & Enthusiasm

The “S/I” style are team players.  Their positive attitude helps build cohesive teams quickly.  Their leaning toward “I” makes them friendly and open.

  • The S over C Style – Stability, Support & Accuracy

The “S/C” style thrives in a predictable environment, and they do not like change.  They need support, and they put others before them.  Although they are diligent and precise workers, they need to be encouraged to speak up for their own goals.

Overall, other styles tend to perceive the “S” style to be indecisive.  When stressed they avoid conflict and become overly compliant.

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