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What’s Missing from Your 3-Legged Sales Strategy?

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Do any of the following statements ring true in your organization?

• My sales reps fail to prospect for new business.
• My sales reps struggle to close new deals.
• My sales reps can’t sell value.

When I hear these comments from business owners, I ask three simple questions:

1) Do you have the right sales people?

2) Do you provide the right sales training?

3) Do you have the right sales management in place?

Hiring the right sales people is the starting point of this 3-legged sales approach. Without the right sales people, training and management may not have a positive effect. Yet, many companies believe if they hire experienced sales professionals, they don’t need training and management. This is not true.

Your sales reps are like high performing sports cars; sales training and sales management are like the routine maintenance necessary to keep the cars running at its best. Without proper maintenance, your sports car will break down. Same with your sales team. Your team needs routine maintenance in the form of training and management to keep the sales reps performing at optimal levels. Hire the right people, then strengthen them with the right sales training and sales management to achieve sales success.

Think of your sales strategy as a 3-Legged Stool . . . The Right Sales People, the Right Sales Training and the Right Sales Management. And, unlike the Meatloaf song, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad,” it takes all three components working together synergistically to have sales success for your organization.

The starting point for sales success is the right sales people. If you get this leg of your sales strategy on the right track, you are on your way to building a sales strategy that has a solid foundation.

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