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5 Attributes of a Great Manager

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April 20, 2009
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Guest Blogger: Jerry Joyce

1) Great managers are great leaders.

We all know about, or know, or have worked for, great leaders. What did they do, consistently, that made them great leaders, and great managers? Can we acquire those traits, habits or characteristics?

2) Great managers believe in themselves.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to? In order to be a great manager, you have to lead from the inside. Be confident that you can do the job, and you will inspire others.

3) Great managers are organized.

If you have trouble finding your car keys every day, it doesn’t mean you are not organized. But a great manager must have excellent organization skills in order to lead others.

4) Great managers respect others.

A good manager will just tolerate the people around him or her, but a great manager will embrace others, show the utmost respect for them, and even rely upon them for support.

5) Great managers know their business.

Great managers will take the necessary time to learn as much as possible about how the business operates. But they will not interfere with the people whom they have hired to do a particular job.

(From an article by John Riddle)

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