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Talent: Do you have a “Who” Problem

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May 19, 2009
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June 28, 2009

I had the recent privilege of participating in a “how to hire” workshop conducted by Geoff Smart, author of the NY Times best selling book, WHO. His tagline on his book is, “Knowing what to do is not the major challenge faced by executives — finding who to do it is!”

Geoff Smart is a very smart man. (Pun intended.) Geoff has been helping major corporations for over 15 years increase their hiring success by using a proven interview process. Many business owners and hiring managers cut corners in the interview process or fail to ask the right questions in the right way. Consequently, the results are at best a 50/50 chance you might make a good hire. Using a proven interview process increases your odds of making a great hire! Geoff claims his clients achieve a 90% success rate with his interview methodology.

Over the past 10 years, Safari Solutions has developed a hiring process, Tiger Eye Hiring, that works extremely well for small businesses. I was overjoyed to learn at the workshop that our hiring process utilizes many of the same proven techniques suggested in Geoff’s “A Method.” We always knew Tiger Eye Hiring works, and it is nice to now have our process validated by other experts in our field!

When it comes to talent, do you have a “Who” problem? If so, then perhaps you have a process problem.

Ann Clifford

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