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Successful sales professionals do things that others are not willing to do. They work harder. They work smarter. They deliver results. And they do so because they possess the “3Ds”. The 3Ds are natural attributes among superstar sales reps. The 3Ds are almost impossible to teach to those who don’t possess them naturally.

Do your reps have the following 3D attributes?

1.) Driven: Internally motivated to excel and be the best one can be.

2.) Determined: Able to set sales goals and resolved to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

3.) Disciplined: Self-directed to consistently execute a sales activity plan that drives results.

If your salespeople are struggling, maybe they don’t have all the 3Ds. It is like a 3-legged stool. If you are missing one leg or if one of the legs falls short, the stool will fall or wobble. So it goes in the sales world. If a sales rep is not strong in one of the 3Ds, then their sales results may falter.

If your reps have the 3Ds . . . Drive, Determination, Discipline . . . they will figure out a way to be successful regardless of the obstacles they face. 3D sales professionals make things happen, regardless of poor market conditions or stiff competition.

How can you tell if a potential new hire possesses the 3Ds?

Fortunately, sales assessments provide an objective measure of these natural gifts. If you want results from your sales team, take the time to evaluate prospective hires with sales specific assessments. Think of assessments like an insurance policy. For small investment you will obtain important data that will provide powerful indicators if an individual is a good hiring risk or a bad risk.

Of the 3Ds, DRIVE is the #1 most important attribute. Without it, not much else matters. As part of our SalesScore hiring process, every sales candidate we evaluate takes a sales assessment that is designed specifically to identify DRIVE. They must score high to be considered further. Final candidates take another sales assessment that digs in deeper to identify other behaviors and competencies that are important for the role. Our standards are stringent in our pursuit to help our clients hire top sales talent.
Using sales assessments and sales specific interview techniques, you will increase the odds that your next hire is a superstar!

Learn more about how to identify sales professionals with Drive, Determination and Discipline by giving us a call at 317-413-4221.

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