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April 15, 2009
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April 15, 2009

I have been advised by my marketing consultant and business coach that I should write a book.  My business expertise is recruiting for small businesses.  So, of course, the book will share what I have learned and experienced as a recruiting consultant for small businesses. Yet, at the same, I want to write something that small business owners would find interesting, thought provoking, practical for immediate applications, and at the same time “forward thinking.”

So, my question today is, “what would small business owners like to learn as it pertains about recruiting for their own companies?”  Yes, there is the the routine stuff about sourcing, screening and evaluating candidates. Yes, there is the verification of candidates using background checks, references, and skill testing.  Behavioral assessements generally strike a chord, too. 

But, what about the concept that recruiting does not end when a candidate accepts an offer? Recruiting is just the beginning stage of an employee/employer relationship.  Keeping the relationship healthy and strong once they are hired is often difficult for small businesses owners.  Perhaps this is where the hiring process melts down for many companies.  

Would love to hear your thoughts about what you feel is the most difficult part of hiring and managing employees!

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