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April 15, 2009
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April 15, 2009

Small business owners struggle every day with hiring good people.  As a hiring professional and owner of my HR consulting firm, I am often asked to help companies hire better.  But WHY do business owners struggle with attracting talent?  Why do they think it is so difficult?  It seems so easy to me . . . I am a hiring expert!  Yet, when I take off my hiring hat, and put on my business owner hat, the world changes.  Even I as a hiring expert, struggle when I hire for my own company.  Why?  I am too emotionally involved in my business to be non-emotional in hiring staff for my own firm.   I believe many small business owners, like I, struggle with objectivity when it comes to hiring.  As a business owner, have you every asked your spouse for business advice?  My guess your spouse might respond with a answer that is best for them which may not be best for the company.  Same with hiring.  A business owner might hire with “what is best for me” rather than “what is best for the company.” 

Today I attended the “Indiana Entrepreneurship & Innovation Day” at the Indiana Convention Center.  I had the opportunity to share ideas with business owners, embrace entrepreneurship, and discuss hiring practices with several colleagues.  Upon reflection, I realize that I am in a unique position to share what I’ve learned over the years from consulting with over 200 business owners.  Hiring is difficult for small business owners. I think I know why and I intend to share some of these ideas in my blog over time.  Yet, I would love to hear your ideas.  Why do you think it is difficult for small business owners to hire?   

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