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April 15, 2009
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April 15, 2009

After a long and tedious job search, you finally have your top candidate. And you are itching to get that person in the door. At this point, the final step in the hiring process would be to run a background check. However, you are having doubts. Is it really necessary? The candidate seems trustworthy enough. Furthermore, you consider the time and money you could save by forgoing the process. What should you do?

According to a recent study by ADP Screening and Selection Services, 41% of employees have some discrepancy in information they report to their employers. In addition, 5% of background checks revealed a criminal history within the last seven years. For most positions, it is important to verify basic information including education, employment history, and criminal history. While more specific titles may warrant a credit check, driving history, or license verification.

At Safari Solutions, we take employment screening seriously. As part of our hiring practice, we run background checks on all hires. This precautionary step is essential in protecting your company from costly negligent lawsuits. The doctrine of “Negligent Hiring” states that your company may be liable for damages if the court decides that the employer “knew or should have known” negative facts of an employee’s background. Furthermore, knowledge of an applicant’s history can help protect your employees, customers, and business from fraud, theft, or harassment.

Prior to running any background check, small businesses must check that they comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Under the FCRA, applicants must sign a disclosure form giving authorization to perform a background check. And while it may seem convenient for business owners to handle their own background checks, professional background search groups take the headache out of the process by providing fast, effective reports that are easy to understand.

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