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April 6, 2009
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April 15, 2009

Do sales people apply for accounting positions or engineers for customer service roles? Probably not!

Jobs attract people not only with technical skills that match, but also with personalities that match. Extended DISC is an assessment tool that can be used as a framework for understanding behavioral style. Follows are four (4) distinct behavior types:

Dominant Directors: People-oriented and task driven. Direct, impatient, assertive, and results-oriented. Company owners and sales “hunters” typically display these characteristics.

Social Influencers: Highly extroverted. Open, friendly, talkative, animated, yet mindless of details. Sales and public relations staff may fit this mold.

Steady Relaters: People-oriented, yet introverted when it comes to sharing their feelings or opinions. Calm, listens well, and likes to get along with everyone. Customer service reps, administrative assistants, and middle managers often demonstrate these characteristics.

Cautious Thinkers: Introverted and task driven. Reserved, quiet, detail-oriented, cautious and logical. Accountants, engineers and IT professionals typically fall into this category.

Know the behavioral style that is best suited for the position you need to fill. Use descriptive words in your job ads that attract candidates with the right style. Ask interview questions targeted to behavioral attributes that fit the position. Use assessment tools to confirm a top candidate’s natural behavioral style.


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