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March 20, 2009
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April 15, 2009

All companies have a company employment brand.  It’s their earned reputation for how they treat their employees.

A corporate brand is shaped primarily by three things:

1.  How a company actually treats its employees.

2.  What those employees say to other people about how they are being treated.

3.  What the company’s ex-workers say about how they were treated while they were employees.

Assuming a candidate has no knowledge of your company, the employment branding experience begins at a candidate’s first point of contact with your company.   This is often an online job ad or your company’s career site.   What impression do these two recruiting tools give of your company?

The employment branding experience continues once a candidate applies for a position and thus, enters your interview process.  A candidate’s most lasting impression is how they are treated throughout the interview process.  Candidates will assess your company and assess you as a manager by the way they treated.  First impressions count.  And, first impressions subsequently become your company employment brand.  Make sure you create the brand your desire by treating prospective employees like they are prospective customers!

To create first impressions that count, implement an effective hiring process and update your career employment site with TargetPort, a career site management software application.

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