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How Should I Manage a “C”?

3 Attributes of a Cautious Thinker
November 8, 2013
Who are the “C’s”, and How Do They Behave?
December 11, 2013

Cautious Thinkers work best under guidelines and set rules.  Coach them patiently and methodically.  Although quick to judge, Cautious Thinkers will keep their thoughts to themselves and will cringe if you criticize other team members in a harsh manner.  Encourage them to be more attentive to the needs of others, and to acknowledge their feelings.  Below are ideas when managing Cautious Thinkers:

  • Clearly define job responsibilities
  • Set reachable goals
  • Involve them in developing new processes
  • Encourage them to speak up in meetings
  • Provide new solutions to weak work habits

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