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May 11, 2009
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May 18, 2009

Safari Solutions helps companies “hire better.” Notice I didn’t say hire the best candidate each and every time. Why? Because there are too many variables to guarantee 100% hiring success.

Our role is to help a company reduce their risk of hire by conducting due diligence on each viable candidate. After completion of a thorough evaluation (screening, phone interview, office interviews, assessments, background check, references) of a candidate, the end result is an opinion of the level of hiring risk.

To keep it simple, use a 3-grade system for measuring the risk of hiring a candidate:

A) Good hiring risk (Good bet)
B) Average hiring risk (Hire with caution or expectation adjustments)
C) Bad hiring risk (Do not hire)

There is risk in every hire. A hiring manager needs to assess the level of risk he can assume with each hire based on the importance of each position. Then match up the candidate’s hiring risk grade with the position risk.

Ann Clifford

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