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Do you have the right people on the bus?

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May 14, 2009
Sales Success
May 19, 2009

I recently read the book, The Energy of Money. During this time of economic turmoil, I thought the book might have a few gemstone tips to keep me energized.  Author, Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., uses the term “Trouble at the Border.”  This term meaning that along our pathway of intention, we will undoubtedly come across struggles that will try to block our way toward meeting our goals.  In business speak this could be translated to mean, our troublesome economy may be the “trouble at the border” that we currently must face and conquer in order to continue on our pathway of business success.

What hurdles are you facing today as a business owner?  What decisions or actions are you taking today to cross over the border of trouble.  Are you experiencing employee issues?  Are you addressing these employee issues or waiting for “chance” to make things better.  The crossroads we are experiencing today in our economy is not only a wake-up call for our country, but also for us as business owners.  Now is the time to assess your staff to make sure you have the right people on the bus.  (Excuse the over-used expression.)    As Maria Nemeth says in her book, ” . . . any distress you experience in the face of difficulty is a measure of your courage as you move outside your comfort zone.  Addressing employee issues is uncomfortable for most business owners.  What steps can you take today to move you across the border and closer to your business goals?

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