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Four Costly Sales Hiring Mistakes

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February 6, 2018
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If you hire and manage sales teams, you have probably experienced a bad hire at some point. Perhaps you have experienced more bad hires than you would like to admit. Let’s face it, the sales profession is not easy. And, hiring good sales reps is even harder.

When you invest in hiring a sales rep, you want a return on that investment. Did you notice that I said “investment” and not an “expense?” Think of your next sales hire as an investment. This may help you take the right steps that could greatly increase your sales hiring success.

Here are four possible reasons why your prior sales hiring efforts may have failed.

1) Lack of Ambition: A simple sales assessment could reveal if your sales candidates have the right stuff.
2) Wrong fit: Your new rep’s sales style needs to match up with the way your products are sold.
3) No Sales Training: Continual sales training helps reps stay sharp in a competitive environment.
4) Absent Sales Management: Who is holding your reps accountable? Even experienced reps need guidance to stay on track.

There are many other variables that can cause poor sales performance, yet these four scenarios are some of the more common reasons why sales reps fail. The good news is that the first two reasons are preventable with a very small pre-hire investment. Rarely does a person buy a house without engaging a home inspector. Likewise, why not spend a few hundred dollars to assess your top sales candidates and make sure your next hire is solid? With sales assessments, you can determine if candidates have natural “Ambition & Drive.” And, these same assessments can easily determine if their sales style fits your company.

Once hired, invest in sales training and sales management to protect your initial investment in your new sales rep. If you have not added training and management to your sales program, give us a call and we can recommend several good resources to help you.

And, if you would like to learn more on how to avoid sales hiring mistakes with pre-hire sales assessments, give us a call at 317-413-4221 or email us at

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