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Four Common Excuses for Delaying a Hire

2 Fundamentals to Hiring Top Talent
April 15, 2009
Four Commons Excuses for Not Firing an Employee
April 15, 2009

Small business hiring practices are loaded with excuses.

Have you ever expressed these excuses for not building your team?

“I need help badly, but I don’t have the time to hire anyone right now.

“We are swamped, but I’m not sure I have enough business to support another full-time person. I don’t want to have to let them go if business doesn’t expand quickly.”

“I can’t hire young and inexperienced because I don’t have time to train. I need them hit the road running immediately.

“No one can do what I do, so I’ll just handle everything myself for now.”

What do you think are the real reasons why entrepreneurs choose not to move forward?

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