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Four Commons Excuses for Not Firing an Employee

Four Common Excuses for Delaying a Hire
April 15, 2009
Three Career Site Essentials
April 15, 2009

Small business hiring practices are loaded with excuses why certain employees are not fired sooner than later. Recruiting specialists have heard plenty of them from their clients.

Have you ever heard these excuses?

“I can’t let her go because she is the only one who knows how to do the job”

“I don’t want to fire him yet. I don’t really think anything will change, but I’d like to give him a couple more months to produce.”

“Sally is always late and often calls in sick. And, I don’t really know what she does all day. I guess I tolerate it because she has been with me since we started the business.”

“I don’t have time to train anyone new, so I guess I’m stuck with him for now.

The old adage entrepreneurs should follow is: Hiring slowly; fire quickly.

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