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3 Reasons Why Your Next Hire Will Quit

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April 16, 2014
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May 21, 2014

If you spent just 5 minutes researching candidates on LinkedIn, you would notice that there are plenty of viable candidates ready to be hired.  All employers strive to build a team based on dedication, commitment, teamwork, and creativeness. So why are you having such a difficult time keeping your new hires on board?

Could it be that the problem isn’t the lack of qualified applicants, but a lack of experience in hiring?

If employers want to start hiring smarter, then they need to:

  • Stop writing misleading job ads.  Candidates apply to your job because he or she is attracted to the idea of working the position as specified.  If the job responsibilities are not in alignment with their expectations, an employee will likely be dissatisfied, or even worse, leave.
  • Ask for references.  Best to be upfront and let your candidates know that you will be contacting their provided references.  References should not be life-long friends or a co-worker from 15 years ago.  Ask for contact information from most recent their most recent supervisors.
  • Abandon the easy route.  The cost of a bad hire can cost as much as 30% of an employee’s first year salary.  Don’t hire the first person who looks good.   Do your due diligence and continue to source your candidates so you have a basis of comparison.

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