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March 4, 2016
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First off, this is not a bash against the CRM world. On the contrary, solid businesses know that using a CRM system is a key element of a good sales process. Yet, even though business owners and sales manager are enamored with CRM data, sales people are less than enthusiastic. In fact, they resist.

So, if we know CRMs help sales people track and follow-up on prospects, why do they resist using them? Shouldn’t they embrace CRMs?

Here are 3 ways sales professionals sabotage your CRM:

1) They don’t enter new prospects into the system.
2) They don’t record calls and emails to prospects and clients.
3) They don’t record proposals sent to prospects or existing clients.

So, I ask the question again, why do sales reps resist CRMs?

Details is one culprit. Good sales people are hunters by nature, not detail people. They like to slay the dragon and then move on to the next dragon. Good sales people are results oriented. Not really a big surprise that your good sales people would rather make calls (even cold calls), then enter data.

Here are the top 3 reasons why sales people resist CRMs.

1) They are action driven, not detail oriented . . . they would rather “do” than “document.”
2) They believe CRMS slow them down from the next sale.
3) They fail to see the big picture benefit to the company and to themselves.

So if your sales person is not embracing your CRM, what should you do? Here are some ideas: Click here

And, be sure your next hire is not a complete dud when it comes to detail work if you want them to embrace your CRM. On a scale of 1-10, you don’t want your sales people to be a 10 on details, yet they shouldn’t be a 1 either. Mid-range detail competency works well in a CRM sales environment.

Friend or foe, the key is to let your sales team know that your CRM system is here to stay.

Learn more on how to identify sales professionals who have natural inclination to use CRMs effectively, click here.

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