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3 Reasons Why Passive Candidates Say “No” To Your Offers

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Companies love passive candidates. What is a passive candidate? Essentially a passive candidate is one that is not actively looking for a job. But why do we assume that if they are not looking for a job that they are better than the ones who are? Not all people who are gainfully employed are superstars. Many of them are, in fact, passive. The exact opposite of a superstar. Superstars are problems solvers, goal-oriented, and successful. Ok, by now you realize I do not like the term “passive” candidates. Yet, I will reluctantly use this term in this article because that is the lingo used by everyone, but me.

Be prepared to overcome three stumbling blocks in your efforts to recruit passive candidates.

For lateral moves, the average bump in pay needs to be 10-20% to have a solid player move over to your side of the court. If the position is a promotion with more responsibility and expectations, the percentage may rise to 20-30%. Are you prepared to offer a passive candidate a big raise? If not, why would a successful player on another team move to your camp?

Happy & Successful:
Let’s say you offer a big raise to a passive candidate. Consider this . . . is a big raise enough of a motivator to leave the devil you know for the devil you don’t know. For candidates, this is a risk/reward decision. If they are happy and successful at their current employer, money may not be enough of a motivator. You better have something to offer other than just money to superstar candidates.

Career Growth:
What would a superstar candidate want besides money? Did I give you a clue? Yes, it is career growth. A superstar candidate needs to see a future that is golden. If your company does not offer the next step in their career growth, why should they make the move? Superstars move for upward career growth, not lateral moves.

The passive candidate recruiting game is challenging. Come prepared to show your best hand if you want to recruit a superstar from within your industry.

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  1. Nice article Michael, As an employer or HR one has to understand the needs of candidate and try to convince him by satisfying that particular need. You can do various things as you have mentioned in this article which can be really helpful. Thanks for Sharing.

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