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Waiting to Recruit Sales Talent in January? May Be Too Late

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November 12, 2021
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As we approach the end of year, many companies place their sales recruiting efforts on the back burner. With renewed energy after the holidays, January often becomes the kick-off time for hiring.

Unfortunately, not recruiting in December is a missed opportunity.

There may be many reasons why a company may choose to wait until January to recruit sales reps. One common reason is to reduce spending so they can close out the year with improved profitability. Another is that the holidays just get in the way of recruiting activities. Pushing a non-urgent hiring initiative to January eases the stress on hiring managers.

But, take a moment to view a few year-end things from a sales person’s perspective.

• December is a slower month with fewer customer meetings . . . Salespeople have time.
• Quotas are reestablished for the new year . . . Salespeople feel pressure.
• Commission plans may be revised . . . Salespeople feel jilted.

December is a natural time for salespeople to sit back and take stock of the past year. And, top salespeople may ask themselves . . . “Am I in the right place to achieve my greatest potential?’

Thoughts of starting the upcoming year with a new job along with renewed energy and excitement about the future can be tantalizing for sales reps.
If ever there is a good time for salespeople to explore other opportunities, it is December!

Yet, many companies choose to sit out this ideal time to recruit.
December is when salespeople evaluate their yearly performance and set new goals for the upcoming year. Salespeople look at their sales numbers, review their company’s growth potential, determine if their managers are supporting their efforts, and think about how they can be successful in the coming year.

Don’t let the holidays get in the way of the most strategic time of year to recruit. Take advantage of this ideal time to get a jump start on your competitors, as they will most likely push their recruiting efforts into the upcoming year.

Anything you can do to be a top candidate’s first interview will work in your favor. Get your new year off to a healthy start by recruiting strategically now.

To learn more on how to strategize your year-end recruiting efforts, give us a call at 317-413-4221.

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