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TECHNOLOGY or PEOPLE . . . Which Are You Investing In?

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As a business owner or hiring manager, if I gave you $5K to invest in either technology or employees, which would you choose?

My guess is that most people would choose to spend it on technology. Some cool tech stuff, perhaps, like an Apple laptop, a new iPhone, or noise cancelling Apple Airpods. But would these items be a wiser investment than investing in people?

Let’s face it, we are suckers for tangible items. We love to play with new things. It’s cool and fun. While investing in people (hiring and onboarding) is an intangible investment and therefore can be difficult to see the ROI. We humans prefer a sure thing, so it is logical that we may opt for tangible cool tech stuff. In addition, hiring people can be fraught with risk and challenges.

Could some of the following conditions be holding you back from choosing people over technology, even when it’s best for the company to do so?

1) Self-Limiting Beliefs:

Perhaps you believe that the person you want to hire doesn’t exist? Or, maybe you know they exist, but don’t believe that you can attract the right person due compensation or other factors? Perhaps you have been burned a few times, and have given up trying to fill a key position. Any of these self-limiting beliefs may hold you back from reaching an important business goal.

2) No instant gratification:

When we buy stuff, we instantly feel good at least for a little while until we need another purchase to satisfy our need for gratification. Hiring people does not give us an immediate high. It may make us glad that we have the task off our to-do list and it may make us hopeful that the new hire will do something beneficial for the company. Yet, there isn’t much “show & tell” when a candidate accepts an offer for employment other than perhaps a signed offer letter.

3) Time & Problems:

Do you make hiring decisions that are best for you as the manager instead of what is best for the company? Technology purchases might make things easier, faster, and more engaging. Investing in people, however, may require your time and could even create some challenges as you train and onboard a new hire. Honestly, who wants more challenges in their daily lives? Like exercising, it is easier not to do anything and hope for the best.

Hiring is not an exact science and there is no perfect hire. Accepting rather than resisting the challenges of recruiting and hiring people, will help you move forward. Implementing a strategic hiring process will also help you increase the chance you will achieve the results you desire by reducing the inherent risk involved in hiring employees.

If you are ready to step up to the challenge of starting a search that you may have been avoiding, give us a call at 317-578-1310.

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