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Sales: Most Difficult Position to Hire

Top Talent Defined
April 15, 2009
INTERNS: Build your Talent
April 15, 2009

Part 2: CEO Focus Roundtable Discussion

When our group of eight entrepreneurs were asked what position was most difficult to hire, the answer was a resounding . . . . Sales, Sales, Sales!

Here are a few tips on hiring sales professionals:

1. Classify the type of sale. Product or solution. Complex or simple. Short or long sales cycle.

2. Identify behavioral traits and attributes that are aligned with the type of sale.

3. Develop key performance criteria.

4. Design compensation plan that rewards meeting or exceeding defined performance goals.

5. Develop sourcing strategy that attracts individuals that match the sales style defined in #1.

6. Evaluate candidates using behavioral assessment tools and methodologies.

7. Don’t rely on your gut feelings. They are probably wrong.

8. Be prepared to manage superstars differently than your mainstream employees.

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