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Indeed. 3 Reasons It Fails to Deliver the Best Candidates

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In the past 20 years, I have utilized numerous job boards. Back when I started Safari Solutions, Monster was the blockbuster out of the gate as the first public job search website on the Internet. Other well-known job boards in the early days were CareerBuilder, Hotjobs, and DICE.

Over the years, new job boards have sprung up like weeds. And there always seems to be one job board that becomes the favorite of the day. A few years ago, the favorite was LinkedIn. Today, Indeed has taken the top “fav” spot for companies to post open jobs. And, once posted on Indeed, many employers feel they have covered the market. Yet, you may be missing out on a big share of the market if Indeed is your sole sourcing strategy.

3 Reasons Why Indeed is Limiting Your Job Posting Strategy:
1. Google for Jobs:
Indeed chose not to directly participate with Google and relies solely on organic traffic. Google aggregates and prioritizes jobs listings from participating job board partners first. Organic traffic follows, so Indeed jobs will not be at the top of a Google search.
2. Pay per click: Indeed job postings are not static posts. Sometimes it will show up in a candidate’s search and sometimes not. Postings compete for shelf space with the top spot going to the highest bidder.
3. One job board is not enough: Serious job seekers use a variety of job boards. A good posting strategy includes a multi-channel approach.

If you are relying entirely on Indeed for your candidate sourcing, you are perhaps missing out on 50-70% of the traffic you could receive if you broaden your sourcing strategy. We recommend using 3-4 major job boards (Indeed is just one of them) for a comprehensive job posting strategy. And, each year the mix of job boards we select changes based on performance.

If you need help in developing a job posting strategy that generates a pipeline of quality candidates, give us a call at 317-578-1310.

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