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June 11, 2015
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July 15, 2015

Job hoppers have historically had a bad rap, especially during the days when people stayed at jobs for life. Yet, in 2015, it is a different employment world. Access to employment opportunities is in real-time now which means people can apply with a simple touch on their mobile device. With employment information readily available, it makes sense that people are actively aware of new job opportunities and, thus, have employment options unheard of decades ago.

And, what about those millennials? Well, they grew up on technology change and are now hardwired to accept change as the norm. They don’t see job change as “job hopping.” They view job changes as “learning.”

Granted, not all job hoppers are created equal. Sure, some will be the poster child for “trouble.” Yet, studies now show that many top performers (particular 30 and under) change jobs often. So, best to keep an open mind before tossing our every resume that reveals frequent job changes.

Lou Adler, international talent management guru, recently posted an insightful article, The Top 10 Reasons Why Rejecting Job Jumpers Is Dumb, And A Missed Opportunity, providing study results that shed new light on the value of job hoppers.

And, Matt Krumie’s post, Should You Hire a Job Hopper?, mirrors many of Lou Adler’s insights that some job hoppers are actually Top Performers.

Below are six (6) potential advantages to hiring the proverbial Job Hopper per Matt Krumie.

  • They can be flexible and willing to take risks
  • They may adapt well to different cultures and ideas based on their previous work environments
  • They are more than likely well networked
  • Are not generally complacent
  • They have continually honed their skills
  • They might just have the talent your organization needs

Perhaps it is time to redefine the definition of Job Hopper? Old school definition just doesn’t apply today in our fast changing world.

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