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4 Steps to Developing an Effective Job Marketing Profile

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January 23, 2014
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February 26, 2014

Marketing a job opportunity is similar to marketing a product or service.  Your marketing message may be as important as the features and benefits of the related product, service, or job opportunity. If you are posting compliance based job descriptions, your marketing strategy is off track immediately.  Job descriptions are boring.  And, no one wants a job that sounds boring. Marketing a job opening is all about how you make the prospective candidate feel when he/she reads your job posting.  Can he envision himself doing the job?  Does she feel like she would enjoy working with the team? Here are 4 steps in developing an effective Job Marketing Profile First, think about what type of position you are looking to fill.  Is it a bookkeeper, engineer, sales consultant, developer, or an office manager?  Start by defining the role by identifying 3-5 key responsibilities of the role. Next, create an ad that is appealing and will catch the eye of the type of candidates you are looking to hire.  Convey a message the makes a person feel that they can easily fit into your team. Now, it is time to promote your ad and send your message.  Create a call to action that tells candidates how they should feel about your company and the next steps on how to apply.  This could be a phone call, email, website link, or simply an “apply now” button, but most important, be specific and add contact information in case candidates have questions. Finally, review your ad.  How does it look? Check for grammatical errors. Does the layout and format catch the eye?  Would you want to apply to this ad? Use these 4 steps as a guide when starting your next search.  Once you have an effective Job Marketing Profile, you are now ready to push your message out to job boards and your personal network.

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