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Have you ever fallen in love at first sight when interviewing a sales candidate? Ok, not real love, but perhaps had that instant rapport that made you “like” this person instantly. You know the feeling . . . easy person to talk with, had common interests, know the same friends, or went to the same school. And if this candidate also works within your industry, you might think you have hit the jackpot with the perfect candidate. Before you make a snap decision about the candidate, be sure to perform your due diligence. Sales people are generally good at selling themselves. Yet, that does not automatically make them good sales professionals. Building instant rapport is important in sales, yet there are many other factors that will determine their success.

Here are 4 interview tips to keep you from pulling the trigger on a hiring decision too soon.

1. Never interview just one sales candidate: You might think hiring a referral candidate is easier than embarking on a thorough search, yet without a basis of comparison, how will you know if your candidate is good?

2. Ask interview questions based on the key accountabilities for the position: Be specific about the role and ask questions that address what steps they will take to be successful.

3. Have at least five conversations with a sales candidate before making an offer: Conduct a phone interview, office interview, second interview, follow-up phone interview, and have a trial offer/close conversation.

4. Seek outside consultation on final candidates for an independent, objective viewpoint: Engage a sales trainer, business coach, or recruiter to conduct a phone or office interview with your final candidate.

If you need ideas on effective interview questions, here is a comprehensive list tailored for sales professionals. (Click here)
Select 10-12 questions that best fit the job and ask the same questions to each candidate so you have a good basis of comparison.

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