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July 22, 2015
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Passive and active candidates are using mobile devices to find out more about your brand. According to LinkedIn.com, 72% of of active candidates use mobile devices to view company career sites. If you can’t meet them where they are (on mobile), then you may be losing talent to your competitors and putting yourself at a disadvantage. Here are three steps in strategizing for mobile app recruiting:

1. Learn – Optimize your career site. The company’s website should automatically adjust for the use of a mobile device. (Tip: Stay away from Flash, keep text to the minimum, use more pictures and short videos.)

2. Apply – Allow candidates to easily apply to jobs. Not all background information needs to be required at this stage. Simply give them the opportunity to provide their contact information. (Tip: Not all candidates are able to upload their resume from their mobile device, however, they may be able to provide a link to their profile.)

3. Engage – Follow up with the applicants in a timely manner. Keep your applicants updated on their status and the timeframe of the hiring process. (Tip: Use your mobile device on the go to email or even text top candidates.)

As technology advances, so will the use of mobile recruiting. Use these steps as part of an evolving process of your overall hiring strategy.

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