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In today’s competitive marketplace, a high performing sales team can mean the difference between success and failure.  Read below to learn how to identify top sales talent and what to do once you have them on your team.
Ann Clifford, President


Dos and Don’ts

Can you NOT hire someone just because you do not like him or her?
See answer provided below.


Gut vs. Data: Which one should you trust?

One reason sales reps are difficult to hire is they tend to have high “relationship effectiveness.”  They convince us early on that they are a fit because we like them, and people buy from people they like, right?

However, it takes more than “likability” to make a sale.   One quick and effective way to evaluate necessary traits and competencies without being biased by likability is through assessments.  Assessments give objective data, which is a more reliable predictor than “going with your gut.”  Utilize assessments to evaluate the following competencies to gauge someone’s likelihood of sales success:

  • Control & Close
  • Effective Questioning & Qualifying
  • Ambition & Drive
  • Relationship Effectiveness
  • Process Orientation
  • Safari Solutions recommends and utilizes the Devine Assessment and Extended DISC to evaluate these and other key traits of successful sales professionals.


    4 Ways Training Improves Results

    Even top talent needs assistance to perform at their best.  In sales, as in any career, it is necessary to “sharpen the sword.” Ongoing professional training will ensure that the investment you make in your sales people is optimized.Improve these areas through ongoing training:

    Energy Level- Training increases employee engagement.

    Creativity – Training generates new ideas and strategies.

    Efficiency – Training improves process orientation.

    Retention- Training reduces turnover.

    iLearningGlobal is one simple and cost effective way to provide ongoing personal and professional development for employees in all areas of your organization.  Learn more about iLearningGlobal by clicking here or call Ann Clifford at 317-578-1310 today to discuss.


    Your Viewpoint Matters

    Join the discussion about achieving sales success.

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    Safari Interview Tip

    To evaluate past performance, ask candidates, “How have you competitively ranked among other account executives at your current or previous employer in terms of results?”  Top performers should outperform their peers.


    Safari Success Story

    A local manufacturer recently engaged Safari Solutions to assist in hiring “hunter” sales reps.  Safari recommended and utilized the Devine assessment to evaluate final candidates.  The assessment revealed one of the final candidates would be more successful in account management, not new business development.  No offer was made, thus saving our client from a potentially costly hiring mistake.


    Did You Know

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.4 million Americans obtained jobs in February.  That’s only slightly less than the 4.5 million new hires in January.


    Safari Quiz
    What percentage of sales professionals “give up” after they call on a prospect four (4) or fewer times?A.  50%
    B.  25%
    C.  80%
    D.  95%

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    Answer to Today’s Dos and Don’ts

    Can you NOT hire someone just because you do not like him or her? Several intangibles will play a part in your decision to hire an employee.  As long as your own personal prejudices are not directed toward people in a protected class, it is reasonable to consider whether you “like” or would “enjoy” working with a particular individual.

    (Source: Susan Williams, President of HR Choice, a Phoenix HR Consulting Firm)


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