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A tough economy presents opportunities for companies to hire top talent.  Investing in “A” players can increase revenues, productivity, and profits.  Doing business as usual with existing “B” players may not.  Below are tips for taking a proactive stance in a sluggish economy!

Ann Clifford, President


Dos and Don’ts

Can a potential employer check a candidate’s credit history before making a hiring decision? See answer provided below.


5 Upsides to a Downturn

Business owners may be fearful or hesitant to recruit during an economic downturn.  However, if a sluggish economy is affecting your business, hiring top talent may energize your company and give you a competitive advantage when the market turns around.  Benefits to hiring during a downturn include:

  • Larger pool of higher quality candidates.
  • Industry talent available from competitor closings.
  • Top performers available at affordable salaries.
  • Top talent may position your company to excel when the market improves.
  • Business owners can focus on high impact activities by delegating to proven performers.
  • (By Ron Giles, Safari Solutions, HR Consultant)


    Low Cost Strategies for Hiring in a Down Economy

    The fundamentals of recruiting do not change as the economy softens.  Emphasize key elements of recruiting best practices to ensure that your company emerges from the economic downturn stronger than ever. Promote Employer Brand – Encourage employees to discuss the benefits of your company at professional gatherings.  Create press releases announcing employee anniversaries and accomplishments.

    Encourage Employee Referrals – Connect with your top performers and ask them who you should be talking to about employment at your company.

    Utilize Internet Sourcing – Use social media and blogs to extend your search to candidates that are not available in resume databases.

    Be Flexible – Could an intern fill this role?   What about a former employee?  Can this person work from home?  Consider innovative ideas to attract the top performers.

    (By Allison Witmeier, Safari Solutions, HR Consultant)


    Your Viewpoint Matters

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    Safari Interview Tip

    When interviewing a candidate that is still employed, ask:  “Why are you looking to make a move at this volatile time?”  Their response may help you gauge the candidate’s risk tolerance and to uncover their motivation for changing jobs.


    Safari Success Story

    As companies look to save money during a downturn, many companies turn to outsourcing solutions like Milestone Financial Advisors, an outsource bookkeeping/CFO firm.  Safari Solutions recently assisted Milestone in hiring two experienced accounting professionals to meet their increasing client needs.


    Did You Know

    Most hiring managers hire top performers only 25% of the time.  Average performers make up 50% of hires made and hiring managers strike out 25% of the time with poor performers! (Topgrading In a Down Economy – a Good Time to Hire!, by Dan McArthy)


    Safari Quiz

    What percent of American workers expect to be employed by a new company within 12 months?A.  35%
    B.  55%
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    D.  85%

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    Answer to Today’s Dos and Don’ts

    Can a potential employer check a candidate’s credit history before making a hiring decision? Yes, however there are specific federal regulations that must be followed.  You must receive written consent from the candidate and you must give the candidate the opportunity to dispute any invalid information.  As with all sensitive information obtained in the hiring process it is vital that you understand and comply with all appropriate regulations.

    (By Allison Witmeier, HR Consultant, Safari Solutions)


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