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In today’s economic climate having an effective sales team is more important than ever.   Can your business afford mediocre sales professionals?  Below are tips on how to hire sales talent that achieves results!

Ann Clifford, President


Dos and Don’ts

Is it legal to use assessments to help make hiring decisions? See answer provided below.


Sales – It’s in Style

Sales is in vogue this season.  Like a navy blazer or black dress; it never goes out of style.  Yet, do you have the right fit?  Ask a business owner about their sales team and you may hear that nothing fits right.“My sales people can’t sell themselves out of paper bag.”
“My sales reps seem busy, but they aren’t closing.”
“My reps close deals, but they won’t prospect.”
“My sales reps lack the drive to earn more money.”

When building a sales team, business owners often fail to define the type of sale.  Identify the type of sales style that fits your company’s product or service and then hire talent that fits that style.  Solutions, transactional, big ticket, small ticket, B2B, B2C, farmer, hunter, and the list of styles goes on and on.  If your sales reps are not producing, you may simply have reps that don’t fit your sales style.

(By Ann Clifford, Safari Solutions, President)


Assess your Candidate’s Sales Style

Increase your hiring success rate by utilizing an effective hiring process designed specifically for sales talent.  This process should include assessing each candidate before making a hiring decision to ensure that they fit your company’s sales style.  There are multiple tools that can help you assess sales talent.  We recommend a combination of Extended DISC and Devine Inventory.

  • Extended DISC: Evaluates an individual’s natural behavioral and communication style.
  • Devine Inventory: Compares your sales team or candidates to a sales style that fits your company’s products or services. Devine also assesses an individual’s sales competencies.
  • Assessments tools, if used consistently, provide valuable insights that will help you hire better and manage your team more effectively.

    (By Ann Clifford, Safari Solutions, President)


    Your Viewpoint Matters

    Join the discussion about different sales styles.

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    Safari Interview Tip

    Ask your sales candidates, “What part of your current role do you like the most?  What is your least favorite part?”  This will show where they will focus their time and what activities will be pushed to the backburner.  Then, ask yourself if they match up with the needs of the position.  For example, if you need a hunter and the candidate says he loves building relationships, you may have a mismatch.


    Safari Success Story

    An agricultural equipment company engaged Safari Solution to hire an outside sales professional using our Tiger Eye Hiring Process.  Using the Devine Inventory assessment tool, we identified that the company’s product was sold through a “unique value” selling style.  Once identified, we used this “unique value” profile to evaluate prospective candidates.


    Did You Know

    According to CareerBuilder’s annual vacation survey, 50% of sales professionals call the office or check email while away on vacation.  They top the survey list compared to other type of workers.


    Safari Quiz

    According to a study by Leadership IQ, 46% of new hires fail within 18 months.  What is the top reason why? A.  Emotional Intelligence
    B.  Motivation
    C.  Technical Competence
    D.  Coachability

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    Answer to Today’s Dos and Don’ts

    Is it legal to use assessments to help make hiring decisions? Yes, however there are guidelines to keep in mind.  First, be sure that you are assessing for skills, attributes or competencies that are directly related to the performance required for the job.  Second, be sure that the assessment has been validated and shown not to have an adverse impact on any demographics.  And finally, be sure that assessments are consistently utilized throughout the hiring process.

    (By Allison Witmeier, HR Consultant, Safari Solutions)


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