1. How long with the hiring process take?

Most hiring initiatives take 45-60 days and require 40-50 hours of our consulting time to successfully make a hire. Initial packages may include only 20 or 30 hours of our consulting time. You have the option to continue beyond these packages on an hourly fee basis to keep your hiring initiative moving forward. You also have the option at the package completion to have the process turned over to you to complete on your own.

2. What if a candidate applies directly to us?

Candidates may apply directly to your company when they see job ads (Job Marketing Profile) we post on your behalf. That is ok and may even demonstrate initiative on the candidate’s part. We simply suggest you forward their resume to us so we can run them through the screening process. If they call you, inform them you have engaged a consulting firm to manage your hiring process and ask them to call us at 317-578-1310.

3. What if we get a referral candidate from our own resources?

Candidates from all sources can be funneled into the hiring process which provides consistency in evaluating candidates. Since our fees are not on a contingency basis, our role is to facilitate your hiring process, not compete on where the candidates come from.

4. Who owns the candidate information?

You do. All the candidate information is yours. This is not an “us” vs. “you” game. We run the hiring process on your behalf.

5. How many candidates will be presented?

Each position is unique, yet on average, we select 10-15 candidates for further evaluation. We request additional information from these candidates using our Prescreen Questionnaire and narrow the pool of candidates based on their responses. The top 2-4 candidates are selected for phone interviews. Based on these interviews, we will make recommendations who should proceed to office interviews.

6. Will I only see information on the final candidates?

We prefer to send you information on more candidates than just the final ones. We do this so you become familiar with the varying degrees of experience that is present in the marketplace. Without this information, it may be difficult for you to compare and contrast candidates effectively. We may send you a few candidates that may not be the perfect fit, particularly early in the process, to educate you about the marketplace.

7. What is a Trial Balloon?

A Trial Balloon is a candidate is sent to you early in the hiring process to get feedback to fine tune our selection process. The candidate may not be right on target, yet it is helpful for us to get your feedback to make sure we are evaluating a candidate in line with your criteria. Your feedback is important.

8. Do you prep candidates before office interviews?

No, we do not prep candidates. Since we don’t “broker” candidates, we support your interests 100% and want the candidates to be their true self. Consequently, you may get a candidate who bombs in the interview. Consider this a realistic and practical test on how they behave under pressure.

9. What is the purpose of the Weekly Update?

Each week throughout your hiring process, we email you an update on the status of your search. You will receive statistics on the candidate flow and a spreadsheet of all candidates selected for further evaluation. We also may ask you to update us with feedback on candidates that you have reviewed or interviewed. This is an important step in our process as the effectiveness and efficiency of the search is often dependent on your timely responses to our questions.

10. Who performs the interviews?

Generally, we perform phone interviews and our clients perform office interviews. If candidates are remote, you may want to also perform a phone interview prior to an office interview.

11. Who schedules office interviews?

This step in the interview process is flexible. If you want to save your time, then let us schedule office interview for you. If you want to save our time spent on this activity (and consequently costs), you can schedule office interviews.

12. How long will the process take?

The hiring process is normally 30-60 days. Factors that influence the length of time are competition, candidate supply, compensation, and location. Other critical factors include your response time to candidates and scheduling delays for office interviews.

13. Do you offer assessments, reference checks or background checks?

Yes, we offer all three and are provided as requested. We highly recommend all three, yet you can select which ones are most important to you. The related fees are detailed in your Engagement Agreement.

14. When is the best time to run assessments, reference checks and background checks?

We advise that assessments be run prior to office interviews as they can provide valuable insights that will make your interviews more effective. Reference and Backgrounds checks are best completed once a final candidate is selected and prior to making an offer.

15. What happens if we don’t make a hire?

It is possible that the right candidate is not looking for a job at the same time you are searching. Timing is everything. If a candidate is not hired within the original scope of the engagement agreement, you may elect to continue the hiring process on an hourly fee basis or select one of our Continuation packages.

16. Can you help us hire for other positions?

Yes, our Tiger Eye Hiring process works for all positions. We can scale up or down depending on the complexity of the search and your budget. Call us at 317-578-1310 to review your hiring initiative and we will offer recommendations on how to best structure your search.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 317-578-1310.